An extraordinary plant

Common in the tropical regions, paracresses bring us powerful exotic scents. Its peppery taste and spicy flavor are to be tried out in dishes, especially to enhance a salad. In the garden or in pots, it will adapt quite easily to the ambient climate. In Malagasy, "bredy" means "grass" and "mafana" means "hot", in reference to the flavor of the leaves which, raw or cooked, have a spicy, peppery and refreshing flavor: for a few seconds they give an identical impression to mouth anaesthesia

You can also eat the flowers but it should not be overused, because their properties are much stronger the leaves ones !

We first started growing in french Charente-Maritime, a welcoming land conducive to the growth of Paracress. The first two years, we worked with slow culture lovers Yannick and his draft mare. They produced in reasoned agriculture a flower of Mafane of remarkable quality, faithful to the flowers discovered 10 years ago in Madagascar.

Now our Paracress flowers are produced a little further north-west, in Loire-Atlantique, between Nantes and Pornic, in Saint Hilaire de Chaléons. 20 minutes from the Loire River, 20 minutes from the sea, 20 minutes from Lake of Grandlieu. An ideal humid environment for this watercress.

We now know that the plant also grows wonderfully in the Loire-Atlantique region. We have entrusted organic production to Fabien, a young farmer based in Saint Hilaire de Chaléons, on the Pornic's road. Our flowers are now grown five kilometers from our head office. 

Infused flowers at Bercloux's distillery

We work with the Bercloux Distillery, which produces spirits using a modern distillation method thanks to its STUPFLER® still. Today, this Exclusive System makes it possible to obtain very elegant "eaux-de-vie" in a single distillation, without any of the defects inherent in alcohols from other column stills (hardness, burning, aggressiveness, etc.) or ironing (loss of 'aromas). Bercloux's distillery also brew beers !

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