Offre spécial Fête des Père, la flasque gravée Mafana. LIVRAISON RAPIDE

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The Story of Saka Spirits begins with the will of two brothers Julien and Anthony to share a common project. A long term based entrepreneurial ambition, similar to the relationship of the two brothers.

Twelve years ago Former Globetrotter Chef Julien setlled in Reunion Island. He ran the ktichen of "Au Ti Panier" Restaurant in Saint GIlles, where he discovers the riches of Reunion Island dishes.

He enjoys creating dozens of infused rums with delicious local tropical fruits. He sends part of his creations to his brother who stayed in mainland France. Anthony can't resist his brother's creations and frequently organizes tasting sessions

On a Friday Night, Anthony discovers a rum infused with Paracress. It's a huge discovery for the two brothers and their friends, positively surprised by the precious flowers effect. One of them decides to grow the plant in his vegetable garden which miraculously adapts well to French climate !
So they decide to create the Saka Spirits Company on the beginning of 2017, after many days working on the Mafana botanical rum recipe. In July 2017 they launched a crowdfunding campaign that exceeded the target of € 5,000. 60 contributors pre-order Mafana rum without even tasting it

Meawhile, the first producer Yannick harvest the first flowers in his fields in Corne Ecluse, in the Southern Charente Maritime Region. The first 1000 bottles were to be produced by our partner the Bercloux distillery in Saintes, specialized in liquors manufacturing.



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