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Saka Spirits launches #buvonslocal

by Anthony GONGORA on April 27, 2020

Places and people

Our young company team created freely tools for a communication campaign on the #buvonslocal term. The massage driven by this initiative is to remind consumers the importance of sustaining with buyings local liquor stores, breweries, cellars, bars and restaurants

From now on, supermarkets and megastores are winning market shares on drinking products and most of all international big companies and just a few local producers. As for groceries, would be now a good time to instill a real buying strategy for our products ?

We are happy to see that French distilleries are beginning to use our visuals in their communication. Some of them use our images, other freely use the available templates and insert their own images 

Young designer Gaspard worked on those creations to render formats and sizes adapted to linkedin, twitter, facebook and instagram social networks. You can discover his work on his instagram account 


Here are the 5 images at disposal :

* Les pros des spiritueux 

* Les pros de la bière

* Les pros du vin

* Les bars

* Les caves