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Botanical Rum or Spiced Rum? The explanations by Saka Spirits

by Estelle BUCHERIE on February 12, 2021

Arranged rum, spiced rum, Botanical rum ...

So many names that can be mixed. Often confused in the consumer's mind, these terms refer to different categories of rum. But what do we really know about these terms and how to define them to be in point with these words which take more and more place in this industry?

With this article you will have all the information you need to understand the differences and characteristics for each of these categories.

I) How do you differentiate one rum from another ?

Originally from the Americas, rum is a brandy made from the distillation of sugar cane. Some rums are made from molasses, a residue from the sugar industry. For the design of rum, we can then choose between two types, agricultural or molasses rum.

The best known and the most used in the French language is the arranged rum. This rum can contain a maceration of various ingredients such as fruits, candies, seeds etc ...

Botanical rum is a rum infused with botany, in this case for us fresh flowers, after distillation. The Botanical rum aims to offer natural and living products, which evolve, which have the particularity, in addition to new aromatic profiles, to provide a physical sensation in the mouth.

A Spiced Rum is a macerated rum with a clear dominance of spices. Used as a long drink or cocktail, it offers particular and appreciable flavors for bartenders. 

II) Mafana, a botanical rum with an arranged scent

Obviously, our Mafana is a Botanical rum. Composed of an infusion of mafane brèdes flowers, grown organically in Loire-Atlantique, it brings a new flavor to the mouth, a unique sparkle. It is also often considered, wrongly, as an arranged rum.

However, our Botanical rum, Mafana, is similar to Spiced Rum. Unique in its kind, it offers a taste and more precisely an odor of fresh grass, honey and spices. Some see it as a slightly peppery finish. The other name of the mafane brède is the Sechuan button, not to be confused with Sichuan pepper!