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Who are the partners of the Bartenders Online Challenge?

by Aristide Merlaud on November 30, 2020


An online competition for bartenders

 Thee Bartenders Online Challenge, imagined by Laurent Le Pape (Infosbar), Julien Cuvillers (The Bar corner) and Yoann Demeersseman (bar professions trainer) is a national online competition dedicated to bartenders which began on November 19. The goal is to highlight the work of the bartenders in the realization of cocktails but also their knowledge on the subject. Composed of several stages including a qualifying MCQ followed by practice, the Bartenders Online Challenge is a competition for bartenders, whatever their level! A look back at this event which raised so many expectations ...


A very strong craze

More than 70 registered! This Saturday 28/11 marks the end of registrations for participants in the competition. A very interesting figure which exceeds expectations and reached in particular thanks to the communication of the partners of the challenge, Le Point Gin, Maison Routin, Clear Ice Company and Saka Spirits on their social networks. These 4 partners, who each represent their own brand, will be of great importance to the participants of this competition.

Strong partners

Saka Spirits is represented by its spirit:The Mafana. Qualified as a UFO by professionals, Mafana is an amber rum from the Dominican Republic infused with organic honey as well as mafane flowers. This sparkling rum is also a great cocktail base very popular with bartenders in the West.

Point Gin is also represented by its spirit: Point G . Premium Toulouse alcohol, this fresh and creamy gin, composed of 11 ingredients including spirulina and violet is an excellent cocktail base.

Maison Routin will be represented by its syrups 1883 . A well-known premium brand, these syrups are distinguished by their accuracy and aromatic intensity. Present on the national territory, syrups appeal to both professionals and individuals.

Clear Ice Company, specialist in custom ice cubes , is the last partner. An impurity-free ice cream which has the particularity of dissolving more slowly to make the drink authentic and of quality. Ideal for having a good fresh cocktail, the tasting experience takes on another dimension.

These products will be essential for the design of cocktails by qualified bartenders for the rest of the competition. Indeed, the final step will be, for the finalist, to revisit a classic cocktail with a partner spirit drawn at random by integrating an ingredient from its region ... The Bartenders Online Challenge has only just begun...


The Bar Corner : https://www.thebarcorner.com/

Cocktailier website: https://cocktailier.fr/

The partnerships : Saka Spirits : https://sakaspirits.com/ ; Point Gin : https://lepointgin.com/ ; Maison Routin : https://www.routin.com/ ; Clear Ice Company : https://www.icecubeco.fr/