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Les Nouveaux Bâteliers Nantais, an experience to live on the water

by Aristide Merlaud on May 25, 2021

Created less than a year ago, the Nouveaux Bâteliers Nantais association has left its mark in terms of innovation and originality. Navigating the Erdre in the heart of a traditional Loire boat has never been so easy. A look back at the Nantes experience that nothing seems to stop ... 


Sail the time of a cruise

The New Bâteliers Nantais association aims to promote the Loire heritage and river culture through an educational and educational walk aboard a boat. During 1h30, they make you discover magical landscapes with a peaceful atmosphere. No noise from outside the city and above all a highlight of the flora and fauna. Total respect for nature with intelligent means of navigation without an engine. 

At cruising speed, travel the Erdre and the Loire on traditional 18th century Loire boats. 

Free yourself for an event

The association allows you to celebrate an event during the cruise. Indeed, the presence of musicians at the front of the boat is possible to have a little musical atmosphere. It is also possible to have lunch around a table in the center of the boat and to share a few cocktails in particular. The Saka Spirits team is also very proud to be the official patron of the association with its Mafana, a unique spirit very much sought after by bar professionals. 

The association needs you!

It is possible to join the association by going to the site https://www.nouveaux-bateliers-nantais.com/ and paying by check or credit card to the address indicated. All the information can also be found on the website indicated above.