Cocktails at home!

The Saka Spirits Company offers you recipes to try at home. Revisit great known cocktails and new creations by Saka Spirits.

We will feed this page with creations of our bartenders privileged partners. Individuals can also create cocktails based on Mafana. We will publish the best creations on our website and our social networks. 

4 DIY cocktails :

A cocktail with Mafana rum is a bit like the encounter between the history of a bartender and the history of Saka Spirits Company. As a result : something new, original, pure creation. Bartenders were the first to use our spirits in cocktails. We are fortunate to work with some of them!

Try the "FADY MARY" cocktail:


Add all the ingredients by ascending order and stir gently ...

Glass: Coppa or Rocks

Decoration: Pomegranate seeds 


The FADY MARY cocktail in video:



Discover the MAI FANA cocktail (based on Maï Taï):


Shake all the ingredients except the Mafana rum. Pour, add ice and place the Mafana rum on top.

Glass: Rocks or Tiki Mug
Decoration: Caramelized pineapple and shiso leaf


The MAI FANA cocktail in video: 


Try the FLAWA POWA cocktail:


  • .3 cl Mafana rum
  • .2 cl Roussillon Giffard apricot liquor
  • .1,5 cl Lime
  • .Ginger beer

Shake the first three ingredients, filter and complete with Ginger beer

Glass: Toddy or tumbler Deco: Pansies


The FLAWA POWA cocktail in video:


Experience the TONGA SOA cocktail:


.4 cl of Saka Spirits Mafana Rum
.2 cl Lime juice
.1,5 cl Raspberry puree .Cider

Shake the Saka, lime and raspberry, filter, complete with cider!

Glass: champagne glass
Decoration: Pansies and physalis


The TONGA SOA cocktail in video:


1st Henriman Training cocktail competition // Saka Spirits:

Last November, the first competition around our first spirit, Mafana rum, took place at the Napoléone bistro in Nantes. 10 students competed in the context of their PQC (Professional Qualification Certificate) with the obligation to work on our rum. Composed of a jury of professionals, the Saka team was able to attend the performances of these students.


The magic worked! Ten creations worn by their creators who were noted on the installation, cleanliness, highlighting of the partner spirit, quality of tasting, balance of the cocktail, etc.

A great moment for Saka Spirits Company announcing many others. With the desire of our young spirits house to set up a professional competition in the first half of 2020.

Many thanks to Bistrot Napoléone, rue Fouré in Nantes, for the quality of its welcome.


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