MAFANA RUM, The Original

35.00 €

Original Mafana 70cl with inox engraved flask

44.90 €

Mafana Orignal & Mafana 2X+

69.90 €74.00 €

AGASTA RUM, The Original

39.00 €

production locale buvons local fleurs bio production française rhum bio
S O L I D A R I T Y   &   L O C A L

Saka Spirits is committed to supporting local production and French producers. In addition to producing our organic flowers locally, we have created a communication campaign: #BUVONSLOCAL to encourage local consumption!

S T A Y    I N F O R M E D   !
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Saka Spirits offers you a range of spirits unique in the world with the guarantee of living an incredible taste experience! We go further than an arranged rum or a classic amber rum: we invite you to travel through an unusual arranged rum recipe! Discover an exceptional rum with the famous Mafana rum resulting from an organic flower maceration, the Mafane Brède. We also offer you a Dominican rum to which is added the agastache flower, the agasta rum. Discover our entire offer: flask, flask, rum box, rum gift, accessories ... For the more ambitious, in the cocktail recipe section, try to make an easy to reproduce rum cocktail at home that will make you travel!
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